Guitar HUD

Not include sounds & guitar.

For guitarist & singer.


= Demo Movie =

Animation starts when the button is pushed. 
Animation that there is a relation in each part is arranged. 
If the mark of our shop on the left is pushed, it becomes the animation of the bow. 

If the part of the mouth is pushed, it becomes animation that opens the mouth and shuts. 
The feeling sung more further goes out when it matches, and "Face Light with amine" under sales is installed. 

Originally, it is a thing that began to be made for Singer and songwriter's "Yasutaka Koba". 
I think that I am suitable for the performance that strums the guitar while singing. 


合わせて、販売中の「Face Light with amine」を装着するとよりいっそう歌っている様な感じが出ます。

もともと、シンガー、ソングライターの「Yasutaka Koba」さんの為に作り始めた物ですので、歌いながらギターを弾く演奏に適していると思います。